How do I find my size?

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Our size guide is a general guideline for helping you find your Girlfriend size. You can check it out here. Trying on your new gear or have questions? Email or chat with us, we’d love to help.


Our bras should fit snug to keep you supported but shouldn't dig or have too much space in the straps or under the bust. We recommend using a tape measure to find your perfect fit. 


Leggings should feel snug to the body, without any excess fabric in the waist, knees, or bottom hem. Our best-selling Compressive collection will feel quite snug and tight on your first wear. Don’t be alarmed — this is totally normal. You’ll start to feel them slightly relax and mold to your body with more wear. Just like that perfect pair of vintage jeans.

Are your garments true to size?
The short answer is yes. We design our garments to fit true to size and we work hard to ensure everything has the best fit for the widest range of body types. But all bodies are different so we do our best to take your feedback to improve the fit, cut, or sizing when we produce a garment again. 
How do I find my measurements?
Measure at the fullest part of your bust wearing a non-padded and non-compressive bra (or no bra). Measuring tape should be relaxed on your bust.

Measure your natural waist, i.e. the smallest part of your waist. This is where most of our high-rise bottoms will hit.

Measure the widest part of your hips wearing non-bulky bottoms.

Measure from the bottom of your crotch to your ankle. (If someone finds a better word for crotch, let us know.)

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Are your garments true to size?