How does #goodjobgf work?

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#goodjobgf is our initiative to get Girlfriends doing good. Tag us in an IG of yourself wearing Girlfriend and doing something good for the earth using the hashtag #goodjobgf. We update #goodjobgf points monthly, so allow for some time for your points to show up. Please note that only one post can be submitted per month. 

What counts

What doesn't count

Hard posts on your Instagram grid

Instagram stories

A picture where you're recognizably wearing Girlfriend

A picture where we can't see if you're wearing Girlfriend (we love your selfies but we have to see more than like, a bra strap, you know?)

Posts on a public profile

Posts on a private profile

Volunteering with a charitable organization

Paid work — volunteers only, please!

Plogging (picking up trash while jogging)

Taking out your own trash

Cleaning up your local park/beach/neighborhood

Daily recycling (you do that anyway, right?)

Planting trees

Refusing plastic (ie: utensils or single-use water bottles). While this is an awesome practice, we should all be doing this in our daily lives anyway, so it doesn't count for this.

Got it? Now go do some good.

How did we do?

How do I redeem my points?

What counts towards my 200 points bonus?